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Co2 Balau 1As a contemporary cladding manufacturer and saw mill we aim to provide our customers with the best durable timber for their cladding fencing and decking projects. We supply a range of profile cladding suited to modern, rustic or traditional installations. Depending on the situation and what you are looking to achieve we offer "closed" i.e. provides a solid wall- PTGV, tongue and grove, shiplap and shadow gap. "Open" i.e. a gap is left between each board to allow air circulation - Rain Screen and PAR (planned all round square edge).

Co2 Balau 2We supply to Trade, DIY's, Contractors, Builders, Manufactures, Architects and deliver locally and nationally.

Our Co2 Balau (Imported) is FSC, SVLK (Indonesia’s Timber Legality Assurance), FLEGT (a Organisation to combat illegal logging) compliant. As a company we always aim to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and encourage sustainable practices.

Our Yellow Balau (not to be confused with Red Balau) is a heavy hardwood with a yellow-brown and purplish-brown colour with red undertones. As with all timber left untreated it will weather to product deep brown.

Grown in Malaysia where it is considered to be very durable, with TRADA rating it as durable, and a Janka Hardness of 1,600 lbf (7,120 N), combined with it's natural resistance to insects and fungus it makes it a ideal timber for outside projects. The finish is smooth with interlock grain few knots, and can take a good quality oil (please see our accessories page) if you wish to enhance the colour.

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This is the idea product for decking and fencing as well as cladding, and lends it's self to flooring, well used in the boating industry for decks and internal structure. Installed and maintained properly it should give decades of service.

A great timber for Summer houses, Green houses, Conservatory, garden offices/workshops, fencing, and as the traditional cladding of barns, houses and offices.